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Our Story

Here at Catch of the Day, we want you to come in and have GREAT drinks, GREAT seafood, GREAT steak, and a GREAT time! We have a Mom & Pop feel about us, and love to please our customers. Our regulars love and appreciate this so much, that they’ll wait around for however long it takes for their usual table to free up if someone’s sitting at it!

For over 23 years, we have focused on providing exceptional service alongside some of the best seafood you can find in Miami. Whether it’s our world-famous Florida Lobster Tails, our one of a kind Seafood Paella, or our delicious Whole Fried Red Snapper, we have a dish that taste like paradise.

Our award-winning menu and chef prepared daily specials offer a wide variety of creatively prepared dishes. All of our dishes are made to order, so nothing is sitting around over here, it’s all fresh! We also take pride in serving an excellent selection of steaks and juicy chargrilled Black Angus Burgers. Our friendly staff and delicious menu with something for everyone will help make catch of the day one of your favorite restaurants.


Our focus is to welcome you to paradise. Whether you are from out of town or a local, paradise always exists at The Catch. Our happy hour runs every day (yes every day) from 3-7Pm. We have live music, signature island-style cocktails, and quality seafood. No better place to get a taste of paradise than at The Catch.

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